Radoslaw Parszewski

Radoslaw Parszewski Governauta

I am currently organizing IT conferences. I am responsible for marketing and conference promotion. I also care about public relations.
I am responsible for planning IT conferences from scratch. Among the ones I have already co-created are, to name a few:
- Business Innovations
- Agile Business
- IT Underground -Security Workshops Day 15.03.2017, Warszawa (Call for papers)
- IT and Banking
- IT and Insurance 02.03.2016, Warszawa (Call for papers)
- IT and Healthcare - 23.03.2017, Wrocław (Call for papers)
- IT and Higher Education
- IT and Logistic
- IT and Public Administration - 1.02.2017 Wrocław (Call for papers)
- Congress: Cloud Computing, Data Center GigaCon
- IT Business Solutions B2B

Every year the biggest IT companies present their newest solutions during our events
which often results in increases in their sales.

If you want to share your experience and give a lecture during one of the events, I have written about - send me a message, I would love to hear from you.
Email: radoslaw.parszewski@gigacon.org

I encourage you to participate in our events!

Read more at: http://gigacon.org/

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