Dagmara Modrzejewska

Dagmara Modrzejewska Governauta

Doświadczenie zawodowe

Getin Noble Bank S.A.

wrzesień 2016 - ...
Senior IT Specialist at Services and Monitoring Office

DAXON Solutions Dagmara Modrzejewska, www.daxon.com.pl

styczeń 2015 - ...
Owner DAXON Solutions - IT, HR, PR, ISO Project Manager

Business support in areas: Public Relations, Human Resources, ISO, IT, management systems. PUBLIC RELATIONS: - corporate identity, - organization of marketing events. ADVERTISEMENT: - advertising gifts. HUMAN RESOURCES: - recruitment of employees, - competence examinations, - employee evaluations, - assessment center and development center, - motivation systems, - organization of trainings, conference, integration departures. AUDITS: - process of communication, - qualities, - information securities, - of managing IT services.